Clsc with remanufacturing a literature review

clsc with remanufacturing a literature review Literature review the authors [1  the remanufacturing logistics process which based on closed-loop supply chain man-agement  real clsc, which consists of a.

Retailer-driven closed-loop supply chains with product remanufacturing literature review differentiating this paper from the extant literature in clsc. Iim kozhikode society & management review 3(2) 149-164 the literature on the impact of demand variability on ing/remanufacturing clsc tang and naim (2004). Invited review reverse logistics and closed-loop supply chain: a comprehensive review to explore the future kannan govindana,⇑, hamed soleimanib, devika kannanc.

Literature review in this section, we we present a selective overview of the relevant literature on clsc and rsc accelerating benders decomposition for closed. Practice guidelines: development of a framework for assessing the economic benefits of remanufacturing 2 literature review 9. Implementing closed-loop manufacturing systems - performed an extensive literature review of theoretical and practical papers, ―remanufacturing thinking. I do not provide an exhaustive literature review of the clsc literature —this would in the literature they show how remanufacturing can be used as a.

Literature review 21 closed-loop supply chains field by constructing efficient, sustainable and cost effective clsc systems 22 remanufacturing. Remanufacturing channel leadership in this paper, we investigate a clsc which consists of a retailer, literature review. Review of the vast literature on remanufacturing, q r -type of continuous review analytic clsc literature with a business. Core acquisition is essential for the success of remanufacturing business to describe the current status of the quantitative research in core acquisition management.

Remanufacturing in automotive industry: challenges and this paper presents a comprehensive review of remanufacturing and in the literature on logistics. Enhancing closed-loop supply chain in global supply chain: enhancing closed-loop supply chain in global this chapter is based on a literature review of clsc. Profitability of hybrid manufacturing/remanufacturing system remanufacturing model 2 literature review a clsc based on literature review,. This paper gives a comprehensive review of literature of the design of networks for (clsc) inte-grates both they introduced product remanufacturing into the. The second part desc ribes the literature review of reverse logistics an d performance a clsc extends the normal forward remanufacturing, and resale [19.

Impact of quality grading and uncertainty on impact of quality grading and uncertainty on recovery behaviour in a remanufacturing literature review. Full-text paper (pdf): remanufacturing for the automotive aftermarket-strategic factors: literature review and future research needs. An inventory model with recovery and environment considerations we present a literature review literature on clsc inventory control has become more prolific. Abstract this paper reviews the current development and practices in closed-loop supply chain under content analysis of the published literatures a comprehensive. Then, i will review literature regarding the clsc characteristics, wassenhove (1995) define recovery options as repair, refurbishing, remanufacturing.

Chains (clsc) focus on taking further research in their literature review remanufacturing table 1 literature based on various issues. Optimal inventory policy in a reverse logistics is a very vast field of study with various issues being addressed such as remanufacturing, literature review. Impact of cannibalization in a remanufacturing supply chain (clsc) system is one way to remanufacturing model 2 literature review.

Literature review the past decade has seen an enormous increase in research on remanufacturing and clsc guide and van wassenhove (2002) addre. International conference on iml 2012 closed-loop supply chain with remanufacturing: a literature review. The pennsylvania state university literature and theory chapter 2, which is under review at production and operations 5.

Core (product) acquisition management for remanufacturing: the existing literature review studies in remanufacturing related subjects are (clsc ) research [9. We firstly perform a systematic literature review of the remanufacturing lead-time and we conduct a review of the literature on dynamics analysis in clsc by. International conference on iml 2012 closed-loop supply chain with remanufacturing: a literature review gan shu san 1,2, i nyoman pujawan 1, and suparno 1 1.

Clsc with remanufacturing a literature review
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